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Presentations from Educational Events

Blood transfusion: What now? What if? What next?”

HEV Dr. Fiona Regan (16 slides 480 KB)
BCSH platelet guidelines Dr Lise Estcourt (33 slides 975KB)
NICE guidelines for Trauma Stephen Wiltshire (22 slides 880 KB)
SHOT and Human Error Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs (44 slides 1.83 MB)
Transfusion in a paperless hospital Caroline Hough (32 slides 1.05MB)
Implementation of the NICE guidelines on transfusion: Dr Debbie O’Hare (10 slides 420 KB)
Consent and capacity Rebekah Ley (19 slides 360 KB)
NHSBT R & D strategy Dr. Nick Watkins (20 slides 1.6 MB)

Mum's Babies and Blood June 2016

Groups and Antibodies; Debbie Asher 
Obstetric Haemorrhage: Jim Bamber
Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn: Burak Salgin
Anaemia in Pregnancy: Claire Atterbury

The Challenges and Successes of Patient Blood Management
15 October 2015

Laboratory empowerment (pdf 700KB, 29 slides)
Consent and barriers to delivery (pdf 1.69MB, 23 slides)
Multi-disciplinary PBM committee (pdf 584KB, 15 slides)
Post operative and discharge pathways (pdf 1.06MB, 26 slides)
Setting up anaemia management (pdf 1.47MB, 32 slides)
SHOT and TACO (pdf 460KB, 25 slides)
Single unit pilot (pdf 432 KB, 19 slides)

Restrictive blood sampling by Dr Nicola Jones
Extending the care pathway for iron deficient patients by Joanne Hoyle
Platelet Management by Frances Sear and Renal anaemia and the use of erythropoietin by Dr Mike Almond are all available from Jane O'Brien

Blood Transfusion in Surgical Practice 18 September 2014

No blood thank you - are you ready for bloodless surgery? Claire Atterbury (9 slides, pdf 589KB)

Red cell antibodies explained: Debbie Asher (18 slides, pdf 203KB)

The unexpected transfusion - informing the patient: Dora Foukaneli (19 slides, pdf 176KB)

What the GP needs to know about anaemia post-operatively: Mark Funnell (6 slides pdf 1MB)

Tranexamic acid changed my practice: Graham Keene (34 slides, pdf 1MB)

Is pre-hospital blood needed? Rob Major (26 slides, pdf 538KB)

Surgical strategies to stop bleeding: Kevin Varty (30 slides, pdf 2MB)

Mums, Babies and Blood 19 June 2014

Anaemia in Pregnancy: Claire Atterbury (32 slides, pdf 718KB)

Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn: Susan Rubin (38 slides, pdf 1.47KB)

Obstetric Haemorrhage 2014: Jim Bamber (50 slides, pdf 2.36KB)

SHOT and Anti-D: Tony Davies (42 slides, pdf 742KB)

Groups and Antibodies: Debbie Asher (30 slides, pdf 419KB)

'It's in the Bag - Updates on the Appropriate Use of Blood Components'
19 September 2013

HLA selected platelets: Colin Brown (pdf 912KB, 31 slides)

National comparative audit of red cell transfusion in medical patients Part 2: Dora Foukaneli  (pdf 968KB, 32 slides)

Patient special requirements: Allan Morrison (pdf 2.79MB, 19 slides)

Implementation of an intravenous iron service: Frances Sear (pdf 1.34MB, 36 slides)

Transfusion in the elderly: Philip Kelly (pdf 1.26MB, 18 slides)

Platelets - one bag or two? Gill Turner (pdf 620KB, 30 slides)

'Become a Blood Boffin' study day 12 June 2013

Blood components - available products: Ian Wood (pdf 2.54MB, 29 slides)

Antibody antigen reactions: ABO and D typing, antibody screening and identification: Debbie Asher (pdf 1.48MB, 43 slides)

Looking after a finite resource: Adrian Ebbs (pdf 888KB, 48 slides)

Being positive about being negative - prevention of haemolytic disease of the fetus/newborn due to Anti-D: Allan Morrison (pdf 2.51MB, 15 slides)

Regulation in transfusion: Steve Tucker (pdf 816KB, 10 slides)

SHOT: What is it? Why participate? Debbie Asher (pdf 384KB, 22 slides)

'Patient Blood Management: The Future of Transfusion' study day 6 December 2012

Stock management at a district general hospital: Steve Tucker (pdf 736KB, 15 slides)

Stemming the flow of platelets: Adrian Ebbs (pdf 748 slides, 26 slides)

Monitoring platelet issues - a novel approach CUSUM: Clive Hyam (pdf 84KB, 26 slides)

Working differently with anaemia in medicine and beyond: Claire Atterbury (pdf 1.35MB, 39 slides)

How good are we at giving blood? SHOT data and case studies: Debbie Asher (pdf 804KB, 29 slides)

POCT in practice: Sue Mallett (pdf 2.46MB, 51 slides)

Better use of data - the AIM II trial: Elaine MacRate (pdf 2.05MB, 19 slides)

Patient consent for transfusion: Caroline Hough (pdf 2.03MB, 25 slides)

BMS study day 'Putting the Boffin back into Blood' 6 November 2012

Transfusion laboratory management of haematopoietic stem cell transplants: Carol Cantwell (pdf 644KB, 34 slides)

SHOT reportable laboratory incidents - setting the scene: Debbie Asher (pdf 112KB, 13 slides)

Red cell membrane and blood group antigens: Martin Redman (pdf 804KB, 52 slides)

The presentation by Carol Cantwell on BCSH compatibility guidelines and the presentation by Edmond Lee and Martin Redman on FMH estimation can be obtained from Jane O'Brien.

'Mums, Babies and Blood' education day 20 September 2012

Managing anaemia in pregnancy: Claire Atterbury (pdf 560KB, 31 slides)

Anti D updates and clinical cases: Dora Foukaneli (pdf 188KB, 17 slides)

Blood groups and antibodies, transfusion and pregnancy: Debbie Asher (pdf 268KB, 27 slides)

Massive obstetric haemorrhage: Jim Bamber (pdf 1.72MB, 49 slides)

SHOT and Anti D - an overview of reports of the Serious Hazards of Transfusion scheme: Tony Davies (pdf 844KB, 32 slides)

The 'Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn' presentation by Dr Venkatesh can be obtained from Jane O'Brien

Education events pre 2011

The RTC meeting on 31 March 2009 included this presentation by Frances Hinch: Implementing an IV iron service (364KB, 24 slides) Francis also kindly agreed to share the following documentation:

Flowchart for the use of IV iron in confirmed iron deficiency anaemia (pdf 8KB)

Referral form for treatment with IV iron (pdf 7KB)

Iron treatment: patient information (pdf 20KB)

Protocol for the use of IV iron dextran (pdf 140KB)

Protocol for the use of IV iron sucrose (pdf 140KB)

Cosmofer iron infusion nursing care plan (pdf 32KB)

Venofer iron infusion nursing care plan (pdf 32KB)

Educational Presentations

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